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Regional data may be updated later than provincial data, and may be partially or completely unavailable for some provinces.


COVID-19 Vaccinations in

doses of approved COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in .

As begins their COVID-19 vaccination program, we're tracking doses administered in every region. new doses have been reported administered in today.

In total, doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been delivered to for administration. As of today, of doses delivered to have been administered.

The Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines require two doses, a number of weeks apart, for full efficacy. Consequently, we report both the total number of doses administered, and the total number of people who have been fully vaccinated. As of today, more than people from have received at least one dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine. people from are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, having received both required doses.

Our data is aggregated by volunteers exclusively from official government sources, updated throughout the day in near real-time. All of our data is freely available for use via our API or in CSV format. Find more information on the sources we use here.

Find all of the data we track (including cases, fatalities, hospitalizations, criticals, testing and recoveries) here.

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Doses By Region
Region Total Doses Administered People Fully Vaccinated
Delivery and administration data by vaccine product are not updated as frequently as the values reported above, and totals may not match. Administration data by vaccine type is updated each Friday with data up to and including the previous Saturday. Delivery data by vaccine product was last updated on .

Vaccines Distributed

Delivery data by vaccine product was last updated on .
Vaccines Distributed