Data Notes

Some things you need to know about the dataset

While most case and other data is completely accurate, there are some unavoidable assumptions that have been required in order to present a complete dataset. Some provinces don't report every day, data released by some provinces has been later retracted or modified, and definitions for 'recovered' or even region boundaries have changed.

A few important notes:

  • Hospitalization data includes those receiving both inpatient and ICU care; ICU (or criticals) are a subset of hospitalizations.
  • Most provinces do not report during weekends or holidays. When possible, we backfill data to the proper 'reported' date during the weekend or holiday. If this is not possible, all data is included in the day after the weekend or holiday.
  • Saskatchewan data is reported for 13 regions by the Saskatchewn Government; it previously was reported for only 6 regions. This change took place in August of 2020 and historical data for the new regions was never provided. As such, we combine the 13 regions and continue to report by the original 6 regions to ensure a full, accurate historical dataset.
  • Data is not final until the status for a province is set to "Reported". When marked as "In Progress" or "Waiting for Report", data is incomplete or not final.

If you have any questions regarding any notes above, please reach out.