Data Notes

Some things you need to know about the dataset

While most case and other data is completely accurate, there are some unavoidable assumptions that have been required in order to present a complete dataset. Some provinces don't report every day, data released by some provinces has been later retracted or modified, and definitions for 'recovered' or even region boundaries have changed.

A few important notes:

  • If a case is removed from any region, the latest case from that specific region is removed from the dataset
  • Some provinces report testing as 'people tested' (such as Quebec) whereas others report as 'total tests conducted'
  • Some provinces (such as British Columbia) do not report cases on weekends and others do not report cases on holidays; however they do report the number of Weekend/Holiday cases on the next weekday, resulting in correct case numbers but arbitrary regional distribution
  • If cases in a province are removed from a 'pending' region, they are added to the region with the greatest number of new cases on that particular day
  • In the event of changes in regional boundaries, any cases from regions with decreases in case numbers are moved to the closest region with the greatest increase of cases as a result of such regional distribution

If you have any questions regarding any notes above, please reach out.