About the Project

Launched on March 8th, COVID19Tracker.ca was created in order to collect available details on all COVID-19 cases from each province and display them in one place.

Now, everything from testing to hospitalizations is tracked in near real-time in order to provide an accurate snapshot of the current situation of the pandemic here in Canada. Millions of users have visited this site and data has been shared with hundreds of researchers and curious members of the public. We're also happy to share this data in real-time through our API.

The site and dataset are maintained by Noah Little, an undergraduate student at the University of Saskatchewan. The website has been made possible with the generous development assistance of Andrew Thong, Alek Gulbenkian and many others

This website and the associated dataset will continue to be updated and maintained indefinitely throughout the course of this pandemic.

If you have any questions about the website or associated dataset, please reach out.

Stay safe.